How to Give a Life in Pet Rescue Saga

Playing Pet Rescue Saga requires a certain level of social networking on Facebook. Without friends playing the game, it will be very difficult for you to play it without any money. Friends are essential in getting more lives and unlocking the next levels. It won’t hurt for you to give back to your friends, especially to those who have helped you with extra lives or with tickets for the next level. Giving your friends lives won’t cost you a thing, and all it takes are a few clicks or taps.

Launch the game: Click on the link from your apps on Facebook or tap the game from your mobile device to open the game

View random friends: After the game loads, every so often, it will present you with a “Send lives to your friends!” window, with some of your friends listed with it. Review the list of friends displayed.

The friends list are selected by the game randomly.

Select friends: From the list of friends, you can select all of them or just some of them by clicking or tapping on the tick boxes by their names.

Select the ones who you think are regularly playing Pet Rescue Saga and who may appreciate the life you’re sending their way. You don’t want your good intention to appear as spam on their end.

Send a life: Click or tap the “Send life” button. Your friends will receive their extra lives in the inbox of their Pet Rescue Saga game.

Giving Lives to the Friends on Your Leaderboards

Launch the game: Click on the link from your apps on Facebook or tap the game from your mobile device to open the game.

Select a level: From the game map, select a level by clicking or tapping on it. It should be a level you’ve already completed. The pre-game window will appear.

View the leaderboard: With the pre-game window comes the leaderboard title “Top Friends.” Your friends that got the highest scores on this particular level are listed according to their ranks. Scroll through the list to view more friends

Send a life: Beside each of your friend is a heart icon. Click or tap on this to send your friend a life. Your friend will receive his extra life in the inbox of his Pet Rescue Saga game.

You can send to as many friends as you want, so long as you can see them from any leaderboard. You can only give a life to a friend once a day.


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